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Maveric Ghana is Financial arm of the Group.

It provides the financial muscle to the Maveric Group of Companies and as such operates in the Internation Enviroment.

Maveric Ghana is idealy situated to have a close relationship with both Maveric Oil and Finance, and players in the Oil Industry.

The Maveric Group intends to establish an Oil Refinery in Ghana to facilitate the sale of oil and in this manner ensure Maveric’s independence in sourcing finances from financial sources.

Maveric Ghana will provide facilities to the community by providing free housing for its workers and families in the area of the refinery. It will also provide other facilities in the form of Community Facilities, Shopping Centres and Clinics.

The Employees of the Maveric Group of Companies will all experience similar benefits, as will the clientele, within the Lifestyle Lodges.

It is the belief of Maveric Holdings that all those working for, and being resident in the Lifestyle Lodges, will be treated as part of the Family of the Group.


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