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Dear Mavericites

Fri 19 October 2018 was a day of glad tidings with breaking news that Maveric Ghana NGO is in operation globally, visible on the system. A letter of acknowledgement from the Government of Ghana under the office of the Chief of Staff and our global recognition code wil be issued.  Min of finance will issue our letter of consent to operate our bank accounts.

Let the projects begin

Capt Moses Akim, Maveric’s UN court appointed mandate in Ghana achieved this great step in the Maveric World, single-handedly (albeit with “a little help from his friends”) raising all the funds in Ghana and donated a property inherited from his grandmother so we could comply with immigration laws. Capt Akim, suffered personal stress when he was falsely arrested, after a known criminal, Halliday accused Capt Akim of running gun caches in Ghana. In addition, Capt Akim was, furthermore, accused by a self-appointed chief investigator Bokkie (aka Johann Els) (aka No name brand) of falsifying documents and required paperwork to finalise transactions.

Paul Kruger Day - previously 10 October - named after one of the great legends of the past whose life was based on the principles of honour and whose leadership lessons, guidance and way forward,gave direction to the nation. A man who fought an ongoing battle to keep the Transvaal for the Afrikaners and who was the first conservationist in human history, sadly died broken hearted at the defeat of his nation. whilst in exile in Switzerland.

As Maveric NGO Sovereign States is based in Switzerland, we have the means to create a great new first time ever NGO nation, born like a Phoenix out of the ashes of global war.

There are many instances of betrayal in the Afrikaner nation and Rhodesia, my birth country but i decided that i will fight this fight till the end and justice for this continent will prevail to all those who suffered because of that betrayal.

Like Paul Kruger, Maveric will fight for the right of all citizens to be a free and independent. There are always traitors and malicious people, in every fight, who, through sheer greed, do their best to steal the sunshine from others.

Maveric leadership aims to be a shining beacon of moral values set out by Paul Kruger and his  Generals who fought for the right to have power over their own destiny. This was not only for the white Afrikaner but all the nations that Dr. Verwoerd visited personally by offering freedom and independence to govern themselves. Outsiders saw this as a threat to their raping and pillaging wealth of Africa. Maveric believes in the words of the song “Halala Africa” and strives to rescue the millions from permanent destruction.

In the words of a great South African Thuli Madonsela
“This is self hate, and it's destroying the black man.
Let's face our real demons as a black nation and rise to the occasion.
We have destroyed the culture of learning in our communities and replaced it with entertainment.

Halala Africa
by Johannes Kerkorrel

1. When the world was still young and the horizon wide and open
2. It was green here in the hemisphere, south of the equator
3. And in the dusk the sun sets and the cattle walk home
4. Sounds of the women voices over the hills of the land:
5. Halala, forever, is our Africa.
6. Quietly look,
7. quietly greet,
8. quietly look,
9. Our fathers will return,
10. Our fathers will sit with us again
11. Then the ships came from the west, white sails over the sea
12. Asking for food and water and staying for so much more.
13. And the land that was open for a season, the land hath exchanged us
14. For the ghettos of the cities, our copper wire was given.
15. Halala, forever, is our Africa
16. Halala,we lived we love Africa
17. Quietly look, quietly greet , quietly look,
18. Our fathers will return, our fathers will sit with us again,
19. There was wealth in the stomach of our mother Africa
20. Diamonds and also coal, gold, precious metal
21. And the people become slaves here because the people are paid
22. To tunnel in the earth to extract every scrap
23. And the large and open grasslands transformed by barbed wire
24. And from the elephant to the buck, all the beasts had to bow
25. For the power of the big game hunter before the power of his big gun
26. Until only the silence remains until only the silence prevails.
27. Halala, forever, is our Africa.

"It's often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition". Larry Page (Net worth $53.5bn, Co-founder of Google)

"The greatest test of a worthwhile being is his/her ability to MAKE THINGS  GO RIGHT".....!!!!

I think he forgot to consider the many evil jealous people who will do all to destroy your work


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