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Calcamite – Innovators in the provision of sanitation

and preservation of water in Africa

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The need

“According to the UN’s 1998 Human Development Report, three-fifths of the 4.4 billion people in the developing world lacked access to basic sanitation”.

“A recent UN study said that of the over 800 million people in Africa, 300 million lack adequate sanitation”.

It is estimated that over 15 million people in South Africa lack adequate sanitation.

The Company and its products

On-site sanitation technology in South Africa was pioneered by Calcamite in 1984.

In what constitutes an Africa and world-first, Calcamite had two of its upgradeable on-site sanitation systems tested for fitness-for-purpose and after evaluation was awarded Agreement South Africa certification in 1994.

After 23 years of manufacturing quality septic tanks, Calcamite was awarded the SABS Mark for pre-fabricated polyethylene septic tanks in 2006. In order to produce the relevant SABS standard, SANS (South African National Standards) adopted the relevant BS (British Standard) and EN (European Standard). Calcamite therefore have SABS, British and European Standard certification of their septic tanks – a history-making first in Africa.

Adequate basic provision of sanitation in South Africa is defined as one well-constructed VIP toilet (in various forms, to agreed standards) per household. Calcamite offer the tried and tested PET (Primary Effective Toilet) as an improved VIP that is demonstrably sustainable, odour-free, fly-free and safe.

Calcamite continue to innovate. The Biomite system is a package treatment plant that produces treated effluent that can be discharged to a natural watercourse or through surface irrigation because it complies with strict environmental water quality requirements stipulated by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF).

The name Calcamite is synonymous with sanitation and has assumed generic status.

Calcamite have earned their well-deserved reputation for reliability, quality products that do the job, a high level of integrity and excellent service.

As full service sanitary disposal specialists, Calcamite provide safe, upgradeable, cost-effective systems with self-help and entrepreneurial potential, to solve community sanitation problems where conventional sewer reticulation is not feasible.

The products have the potential to create massive employment and skills training opportunities while creating healthier living conditions.

Their products promote desirable traits in people such as responsibility, pride of ownership and accountability.

The support

The shareholders have a combined total of 95 years business experience in the building/plumbing and civil engineering industries.


They own and possess the following intellectual property and know-how:
• Wide spectrum of on-site sanitation technology developed over many years
• Ability to manufacture a variety of relevant rotationally moulded products for on-
  site sanitation
• Ability to manufacture a rotational moulding plant and the necessary moulds
• Marketing and sales literature
• Agreement & SABS rights


These men believe passionately in the empowerment of people through entrepreneurial and employment opportunities and are available for training, nurturing and support when required.

The future

Calcamite continue to play a vital role in preserving and protecting water through the provision of Sanitation for the Nation™ because decent sanitation upholds dignity and water is life.