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 Sectional Title Centre Care

Specialist Complex and Garden


A Total Maintenance Solution

Sectional Title Centre Care is committed to being the leader in the industry by setting high standards through innovative thinking and service excellence. We provide services for home's, office's and complex's from maintaining the outdoor appearance and keeping the gutters clean to making sure the pool is sparkling by the time you home from work. We even cater for all the little extra's.. New installations, maintenance and repairs to Garden lighting, irrigation systems, security systems and all upgrades, all types of physical security, CCTV.. Yes, we do have organic compost too.. All garden and entertainment area upgrades. Landscaping as you wish we'll put you in
touch with online stores and we'll plant it build it connect it We have a 24 hrs emergency service for all
those little emergencies.

Greenland is part of a group of companies all committed to SITE MAINTENANCE with real time service delivery and trusted workmanship.

YOUR AIM HERE.., we have formulated a solution that has revolutionize the concept of sectional title and home owners association centre care and aim to utilize this for the betterment of your property.

STCC was started in 2003 and have grown from strength to strength and are now able to handle small medium and large contracts