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As an innovative company, which offers a personal touch, Water Sprites provides unparalleled irrigation services- guaranteed to meet your needs!

Specialists in designing and installing irrigation, its small, yet professional team is able to focus on your particular requirements for irrigation and, at the same time, enhance the value of one of your largest assets - your home or business property.
With a wealth of valuable experience under its belt, Water Sprites has designed and implemented layouts for large corporate businesses, development complexes and private homes. No job is too large or small for this value-for-money company.
Water Sprites offers:

* Repair work to existing irrigation systems.
* A monthly maintenance contract, which ensures peace of mind.
* A design layout to meet your budget requirements.
* A locally based supplier provides irrigation material. This ensures service delivery
   and spare parts are always readily available.
* All material used has a two year factory fault guarantee.