Maveric Lifestyle Lodges SA is an over 45's life-style village with unique features and personalized service, carefully planned using five years of extensive research data.

Results have shown a lack of tailored features to cater for the elderly and their needs. We also know that when people buy in to a retirement village, they have to give up a lot of personal possessions, including their pets. These form an integral part of their day to day living and giving them up is an extremely traumatic experience. Once they have spent their entire life savings on a retirement home they discover that when frail care is needed and are taken from their familiar surroundings and placed in a single room or a ward with other patients. Quality of life deteriorates and life expectancy is reduced to approximately six months. The money spent on their investment is absorbed into the retirement company’s funds or resold and the estate gets a small portion of the money.

Maveric Life-style Lodges South Africa offer:

A 10% return on investment
In-house Frail Care consists of 24-Hour Nursing, providing required meals
Management of complex by a designated charity, a non-profit organization, which ensures that all funds are strictly utilized for intended purposes.
All future profits from each retirement village will be utilized by the designated financial management company.
Complex maintenance levies are usually very crippling and these are included in the purchase price.
Accredited Suppliers will make a contribution for the exclusive right to provide special services.
Funds will be utilized for continued benefits and improvement of quality of life of the residents.
Management Company will provide a mini-bus for exclusive use of residents.

CEO Maveric Lodges (Pty) Ltd

Marilyn Luongo, born in 1954, whose father was a Dr in Civil Engineering, has been in the building industry for the past 30 yrs. Marilyn has done low cost housing for the government and various other developments


Welcome to your world... A haven of peace and tranquillity in a changing world with friends - Your Home for life!





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