Maveric Agora Galaxy Village Green

and self-discovery….


Named Agora Galaxy Garden Empire, a village green for village People at Maveric NGO Sovereign States 1500 Lifestyle Villages creates a SPACE themed entertainment space for Maveric villagers.

From the Greek - meeting place, Agora Galaxy Garden Empire shines the spotlight on Galaxies of the Universe, Lost African and Middle Eastern Ancient Empires, Kingdoms, Civilisations and Cities whilst tracing Mankind's Journey of Discovery from arrival of Enki, orbiting the galaxy through the Ages to modern day.

Four entrances depicting wind directions leads the way to the Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, theatre, state library, amphitheatre, band stand, astronomical star-gazing planetarium, schools of art, drama and music, quaint cosy curiosity craft and coffee shops, art galleries and Poseidon's musical fountains complete the kaleidoscope.

This meteoric entertainment showcase offers platforms for local and international artists, actors, crafters, entertainers, musicians and fashionistas with opportunities for local traders to shine and “make a dollar or two”.

A well-structured country that includes a feast of ongoing annual festivals and events, encourages a steady all-year round flow of visiting families and friends.

Maveric NGO Sovereign States is on a magical elliptical path to restoration of lost ancient values to be infinitely preserved for generations, one step at a time.

Components of Agora Galaxy Garden Empire

  • Starlight Theatre

  • Pegasus School of Drama, Music, Arts.

  • Cosmic Model Agency, Casting Studio & Finishing School.

  • State Library : Aesop's House of Wisdom featuring Mankind’s Journey of Discovery.

  • Agora Galaxy Planetarium

  • Homer’s Hangout : Poetry Reading, Musical Recitals, Storytelling, Night Theatre : Outdoor Amphitheatre.

  • Bandstand : Military Bands, School Bands & Choirs, Live Bands. Picnic style seating.

  • Poseidon Musical Fountains with Ariel’s Coffee Shop and water garden feature.

  • Atlantis Nightclub & Showbar

  • Large Garden Chess set

  • Sundial

  • Clock and bell tower with weathervane

  • Merry-go-round

  • Wishing well

  • Olde watermill

  • Olde water pumps and drinking fountains

  • Greenhouse tea garden and butterfly world

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